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ECW House Show Results

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I was personally at the ECW show in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, Friday night and here is the report that I sent in to Wrestling Headlines:

Tracey Smothers (w/ Guido and Rich) vs. Chris Chetti
-FBI got great heat from the fans, Chetti got basically no
reaction. Typical
match, nothing special, Chetti fucked up a move and the crowd
really turned
against him then. Smothers ended up getting the pin after Rich
nailed Chetti
with the flag.
Winner: Tracey Smothers

Ulf Hermann (w/ Equalizer and Wright) vs. John Kronus
-Major heat on Hermann and his entourage, Kronus got a good
pop, Kronus ended
up winning with the 450 Splash
Winner: John Kronus

Lance Storm vs, Tommy Rogers
-Lance got a good pop and went on to make fun of Rogers on the
mic, saying he
was washed up. Rogers dominated most of the match until Lance
rolled him up
and used the ropes for leverage to get the pin.
Winner: Lance Storm

Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten vs. Danny Doring and Mike
-Crowd was really on Doring's case, decent match, Balls and Axl
ended up
nailing Lozansky with a double chair shot for the win
Winners: Balls and Axl

Justin Credible and Mike Awesome vs. Jerry Lynn and Masato
-Great match, probably the best of the night, Tanaka took some
more brutal
chairshots and ended up getting Awesome Bombed through a
table. Chastity got
tombstoned by Lynn and Lynn and Justin kept reversing each
others attempts at
a Tombstone, with Lynn finally getting it for the win
Winners: Tanaka and Lynn

Bam Bam Bigelow and Chris Candido vs, Blue Meanie and Super
-All the Triple Threat came out and Shane talked about Taz, the
match itself
wasnt close as Bam Bam ended up giving the Meanie Greetings
from Asbury Park.
After the match Bam Bam called out Taz and he came out and the
brawled all the
up to the upper decks of the auditorium, which Shane ended up
holding back Bam
Bam and Taz took the mic and some choice words for everyone in
the Triple
Winners: Bam Bam and Candido

Spike Dudley vs. Rob Van Dam
-Spike had some offense but Van Dam had more and ended up
easily defeating
Spike, however it was with the help of Sabu who came out and
put Spike through
a table which led to the pin.
Winner: Rob Van Dam

Mikey Whipwreck vs. Sabu
-Sabu and Mikey put on a technical show at first but then Sabu
put Mikey in
the audience and and triple jumped him 6 rows back, he also put
him through a
table later. Van Dam came out as Mikey was repeatedly nailing
Sabu with a
chair and Van Dam gave Mikey a Van Daminator from the top rope
and Sabu got
the pin.
Winner: Sabu

Sandman and Tommy Dreamer vs. The Dudleys
-No riot this time but the Dudleys sure were going after the
crowd. Both
sides brawled everywhere in the building, Big Dick Dudley came
out and turned
the tide of the match and helped the Dudleys get the pin. Then
Jack Victory
came out and got into with them, which meant that New Jack
shortly followed
and he cleared out all the Dudleys and Victory with his weapons,
including a
great guitar shot on Victory. After the Dudleys left the ring, the
guys all tossed the weapons and broken pieces of the weapons
into the crowd as
Winners: The Dudleys

Other notes: Sunny was at the show but was sitting in the VIP

When we left we saw Balls, Meanie, and Nova drive off together,
also Jason and
Chastity left together

Then at a light a car pulled by us and Bam Bam was driving with
Candido and
Sunny in it as well, they were cool and did Triple Threat signs to
us and waved.

Then at another light a car drove by us with Francine, a cute
blonde, and
referee Jim Finnegan (i think thats it)-boy I envy that ref-Francine
even acknowledge us as we tried to talk to her

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