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ECW PPV Report

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Heatwave '98

Jerry Lynn vs. Justin Credible

-Very good match with some great spots, including Lynn doing a hurrancanrana on Credible through a table and Justin giving Lynn a Tombstone from the top rope.

Winner: Justin Credible

Chris Candido vs. Lance Storm

-Another good match, some nice spots, including Sunny getting her top ripped off after helping Candido by crotching Storm on the top rope.  Candido then gave the Blonde Bombshell to Storm for the win.

Winner:  Chris Candido

Masato Tanaka vs. Mike Awesome

-Great match with brutal chair shots and a lot of action.  Tanaka nailed Awesome with a brutal Awesome Bomb through a table and then tornado DDT'd him into 2 chairs for the win.

Winner:  Masato Tanaka

Hayabusa/Jinsei Shinzaki vs. Sabu/Rob Van Dam

-Great match with many high flying moves and tons of action.  RVD gave Hayabusa a Van Daminator which allowed them to set the two up on a table which they double leg dropped them through the table for the win.

Winners:  Sabu/Rob Van Dam

Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Taz

-Great brawl, it went all over the building, Taz went headfirst through a table which busted him open and they continued brawling and Taz DDT'd Bigelow through the ramp.   After Bam Bam crawled out of the hole Taz got out and slapped the Tazmission on Bigelow, who tapped out although it was hard to tell if he really did.

Winner:  Taz

The Sandman/Tommy Dreamer/Spike Dudley vs. The Dudley Boys

Lots of weapons and brutal shots, everyone was busted open.  Dreamer ended up getting the pin after a Dreamer Driver.  Jakc Victory came out to beat on them, but New Jack shortly followed and nailed Victory with two guitar shots, which cleared the ring out of all the Dudleys.

Winners:  Sandman/Dreamer/Spike Dudley

Overall, a great show with no bad matches, all were well worked and all had high spots in them, their best PPV of the year. as everyone busted their asses and did a great job.