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ECW News and Views

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ECW News for Saturday, August 8  (Credit:  Wrestling Headlines)

Well, I haven't updated this in a little while, so here's whats been happening

-By now most have heard of the Sandman's contract situation.  However, it should be resolved by Saturday at the ECW Arena show.  He did work last night's show in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

-Another rumor going around is about the possible return of Chris Benoit to ECW, with one of the rumors saying that with the Sandman's contract gone, that money could be spent on Benoit, although like I said above, I am sure they will re-sign the Sandman.

-Another person on the way back seems to be Brian Lee, who came out at the end of Heatwave with the rest of the wrestlers, once the PPV went off the air.  He may be back once he fulfills his current angle in the NWA.

-Another coming is Sunny working ECW full time now, saying she quit WWF for good, however there is still debate about whether she could just leave her contract in WWF like that.

-Mike Awesome has greatly impressed ECW officials and they wish to work out a contract with Awesome for him to stay in ECW full time.

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